Our Work

Dr. Rajesh Dhamija
This house showcases its flat and rectangular surfaces with extensive use of MS trellis work straight away from the main gate entrance to the balcony and terrace for having glass top or creepers above them to have a play of light and shade along with green effect. The main entrance to the house is welcomed by a semi covered pergola with creepers over it and some seating space sideways. The windows and doors in the main facade are recessed to have a solid mass in the building. A lot of green spaces, indoors and outdoors are induced into the design of the house to have a feeling of living next to nature.



Mr. Devender Kohliwala
This residence is planned purely on a utilitarian basis underlined with the principles of vastu. The use of materials like Gwalior stone, granite along with travertine (Italian) stone and paint with some green area next to it give it a complete fresh look. The building block is open on all sides to sun and air because of the gallery on the both side of house that caters to have more than 8 car parks and yet have enough circulation space. The entrance foyer is designed in such a way to act as a transition space for the entry to both floors well connected through a wide dog-legged staircase with future expansion of having a lift. Movement inside the house is directed along an axis from which functional area are offset. Both floors comprise of 4-Bed with dress & toilet, a spacious kitchen with washing utility, a big drawing room, store and a family lounge cum dining area. Driver room and servant quarter are located on the top floor.

The interior space of this house is not just well crafted premises but the implication of a whole new lifestyle where users finds comfort to have modern interiors and yet very simple and sophisticated. Following a particular theme where in white would enhance the already hug space making it appear much larger; and the act that it would constitute the perfect foil to interplay different colours, the design and decor was set off on a slick expression of modernism.

A spacious front lawn with black granite planters and green area blends well with the Gwalior stone and travertine surfaces on the wall. The drawing room side foyer is on the north side of the house to have a covered verandah type space to sit out in the shade during day time also. The back yard has been specially designed to have a small green lawn with hardscape open sit-out space with fountain and planters in the background that add ambience to the landscape scheme.



Mr. Rohit Aggarwal
This premises was designed to have a play of horizontal and vertical planes binding together to create a solid form speaking out loud enough to mark its presence strongly in the neighborhood areas. The house is to cater only 4-5 family members so the concept of the design was to deliver something which is very spacious; air ventilated & has enough daylight in accordance to the vastu principles. The house has a foyer entry just alongside the drawing room for guests with the facility of a powder room attach to it. The central space of house is at its maximum width possible and consists of a dining area attached to kitchen on one side, a double height family lounge on the other and a central transition space in direct connection to the duplex staircase to the upper level. All the bedrooms with attach dress n toilet are well placed in the design to have their own privacy and yet well connected to the lobby on both the floors. Precisely located double height puja area as per vastu guidelines; adds more breathing space to the house and the space looks larger than it is actually.

For interiors, the underlying idea was that of luxurious living. Without being in the face about the design treatment, the home is alternately rendered in subtle touches of luxury with functionality. . A play of predominantly recessed lighting enhances the spacious feel, creating moods. The play of planes is reflected in the false ceiling and walls that are used as integral elements of arts instead of being adorned by a painting.

The bifurcation of functional zones- cooking and utility in the kitchen, the provision of a built in ledge and the layout of the landscaped courtyard, a spacious area to have Pool Table on the first floor lobby, a specially designed entertainment room in the corner of first floor level, a kitchen sized pantry cum store on the upper level, auspiciously designed double height puja area for more of positive vibes all the time.. depict that little details seem specially attended to and this is perhaps the one reason that the puritanical white comes alive, enhancing the interior accessories for the perfect effect.

As far as Landscape is concerned – the whole concept was to have a modern day settlement with lots of green elements blending with it. The landscape elements in the design scheme like planters and creepers in the front yard lawn with play of levels, even in the boundary & parapet wall, front & back courtyard, terrace & balconies to live closely to nature.



Mr. Saurabh Garg
This dwelling is one of its types in the region unlike other residences. A design expression of a modern style, straight and upfront in white color theme cladded with latest materials; is the concept we worked on exactly in context to the client’s need and expectation to have modern, hi-tech and luxurious living in a spacious layout . The house has 4-Bedrooms (Dress + Toilet attach), a living room, dining area, puja room, open modular hi-tech kitchen with washing utility & store, duplex staircase, study/office, servant quarter and an entertainment cum bar room with a spa attached to it. A lift located centrally makes it really comfortable for users to access any floor in the minimum time especially for the recreational activities which is on top floor level. Also the centrally air conditioning VRV mechanism adds to the comfort level @ luxury for the users to a great extent.

The use of latest cladding materials like aluminum cladding over the main frame above the terrace level and wooden cladding on the entrance part of the house and the big slant frame to cover windows on 2 levels are used in a balanced amount to have clear and solid form of two different entities. The use of glass railing @ parapet wall enhances the view of the building. The entrance foyer of the house is designed to have a grand look yet very simple. The tensile fabric structure over the parking alley is a good replacement of ugly looking fiber sheet structure. The main gate is a sliding one with latest technology of automation that operates with the remote and manual functions which looks grand and also ensures to have more space for parking. Minimal work is done on the boundary wall to have a bold and yet visually simple but in a modern style.