Our Belief

Archimaze was founded on the belief that architecture can have a direct, positive impact on people’s lives. Underlying this philosophy is the conviction that with a thorough understanding of all the key issues that guide the design, we could realize the full potential of any project and enrich the quality of life of its users and the communities in which they are located. The company is built on the belief that good design can only be delivered by people with a deep social and cultural understanding of the communities they are designing for.

Archimaze is a cross creative platform for exchange of ideas. The Intent is of cross-pollination and the emergence of a design and urbanism discourse in the contemporary paradigm. This fusion of ideas would lead to the emergence of a design and urbanism discourse that is invested in bridging two cultures, the local, and global.

Ten Core Beliefs
  • Archimaze and our network of affiliates have been developed and structured in response to ten core beliefs about our clients needs and our role in helping them achieve their objectives: The built environment impacts the quality of life and the ability of our clients to achieve their mission.
  • A building’s relationship to its site and context as well as the design of its interior are as important as its architectural exterior.
  • Design excellence is an essential factor in a project’s success.
  • We are most effective when our services begin prior to physical planning, as many important decisions are made during planning, feasibility analysis, and programming prior to the start of design.
  • To be effective advisers and designers, we must understand the key parameters of our client’s mission and operations.
  • Deep knowledge of a building type enables us to focus on innovation and each project’s unique issues.
  • A broad practice is important because there are many areas of convergence where expertise and concepts from one project type can be successfully applied to other building types and mixed-use developments.
  • Our interrelated expertise in planning, urban design, and multiple building types supports innovative place making.
  • We must continue to facilitate delivering worldwide expertise locally to our clients.
  • Environmental stewardship is one of our basic responsibilities.